Syria Marriage Traditions

The weddings in Syria are a mixture of old and new traditions. The wedding ceremonies can last for days and even several weeks.

First and main, there is a great engagement ceremony where you are sworn in and promised to marry your future wife. international dating for chinese There’s also a maher, or “bride price, ” that is paid out by the groom ahead of he can get married to his bride-to-be.

During this time period, both parties should spend time knowing each other and making sure they may be comfortable with one another. There are a few etiquette guidelines that must be honored during this period, just like not having while you are involved yourself and not sleeping in the same bed.

After the organized wedding is approved, the festivities begin with an ancient variant of a bridal shower party named hammam. This party is usually attended by simply friends and relatives in the groom. The men and women will escort the groom into a hammam wherever they will have an old bathing habit.

The hammam is then and then a gathering of the groom’s friends and family in the house for food items, music, and religious chanting. This is a very passionate ceremony where groom and his friends can discuss their long term future plans.

After this, there is an Al-Henna evening where the new bride will be colored by her relatives and buddies while wishing her a happy marriage. This is certainly a fun and fun day with regards to the woman and her guests, as they get to observe with food, drinks and blossoms.

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